For the first time ever a TV channel will have the exclusive live broadcast rights to the event.

Televisión Dominicana, the number one channel for the Dominican Republic community in the United States, has announced the acquisition in the USA of the exclusive coverage rights to the most important event in the community’s calendar for the next five years from 2012 to 2016.

The Dominican Republic national parade is an event with a long history stretching back to 1982. All the Dominican Republic nationals who live in the United States, especially those who live in New York, celebrate the event with the very best local talent as well as with special invited guests from the island. The channel has backed this and other events in New York state since its launch. However, for the first time ever the network will enjoy exclusive live coverage of this prestigious event.

La Parada Dominicana 2012 will take place on 12th August and is expected to attract 500,000 people. The entire Dominican Republic community in the United States will be able to enjoy the event live via Televisión Dominicana.

Televisión Dominicana is an Imagina US network, a company devoted to content production and TV programme making, and Media World, a division focused on the development and distribution of themed channels, rights exploitation and technical services in the audiovisual field.